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Bengals at Panthers Behind Enemy Lines: Can Cam Newton continue his dominance? The Bengals are gearing up for a clash of cats when the Panthers host Cincinnati this Sunday. Carolina is (1-1) coming of a crushing loss to the Falcons. They look pretty beat up on paper Hardy Nickerson Jersey , but that is no reason to doubt a team led by Cam Newton at quarterback.We caught up with Walker Clement of Cat Scratch Reader, SB Nation’s Panthers website, to get his perspective of the Bengals vs. Panthers game.Patrick Judis: Cam Newton has been carrying the offense so far this season. He is not only the leader in passing yards, but he leads Carolina in rushing yards and is tied for the most rushing attempts. Is that something you think will continue?Walker Clement: I am very confident that Newton will continue to lead the team in passing yards. Whether or not he leads the Panthers in rushing will depend on the game. New offensive coordinator Norv Turner is obviously not afraid to let Cam use his legs, but he is also enamored with the speed and shiftiness that Christian McCaffrey brings to the table. The running back had 102 yards receiving on 14 catches last week. You can expect one of those two guys to be the offensive MVP every week. Turner is slowly figuring out how to use both talents to their best advantage, good luck if he strikes the right balance against the Bengals.PJ: Defensively the Panthers did a pretty good job at containing Julio Jones. What were some thing they did to accomplish that, and do you think they can replicate it with A.J. Green?WC: They can replicate the process, but I’m not familiar enough with Green’s skillset to guarantee that they can replicate the success. The majority of the Falcons game saw Jones being shadowed by the Panthers’ top corner, James Bradberry. Years past saw Bradberry stick to one side of the field and the Falcons would move Jones around and torch the Panthers by exploiting mismatches. Of course, years past also saw the Panthers have an otherwise stifling defense. Their absence was the reason for the Panthers close loss.PJ: As far as the Panthers’ pass-catchers go, they don’t have many big names after Greg Olsen’s injury. Who are some of the most dangerous guys in the passing game that Bengals’ fans should be worried about?WC: First round pick D.J. Moore had a bit of a coming out party last week, turning his first catch into a 51 yard touchdown. The Panthers have made a lot of noise this week about wanting to get him more involved in the game plan, even though he still looks like a rookie on a lot of plays. Your real threat, as mentioned above Joe Mixon Jersey , is Christian McCaffrey. He is too fast for linebackers, too physical for your average corner, and the Panthers love to target him. They are the threats.The Panthers have a roster of semi-reliable role players after those two. I say semi-reliable because Devin Funchess, Torrey Smith, and Jarius Wright can be generally relied upon to be in the right place on a given play. It is a bit of a toss up, so to speak, as to whether or not they will catch a ball that hits them in their hands. If you’re looking for a guy to get open right at the sticks on a third down then Wright seems to be the guy for now.PJ: The Panthers are dealing with some injuries along their offensive line. What do you think they will do to try and protect Newton on Sunday?WC: Our best guess is that last week they performed some sort of blood sacrifice or other dark magic ritual. The Panthers signed their starting left tackle off the street — he hadn’t been on an NFL practice field since last November — on the Wednesday prior to the game. Their right tackle spent training camp as their left guard and was the left tackle for Week 1. Their top right guard missed the game with a concussion. The Panthers surrendered only two sacks and forced the Falcons to blitz to pressure Newton.PJ: What is your prediction for the game?WC: If the Panthers run out of livestock, virgins, or first born children to ensure the success of their line, then this game could get ugly for Carolina very quickly. Since they are at home, however, I’m assuming they can drag somebody out of the crowd. The Panthers lost last week because their defense had one of the more off weeks that we have seen since Ron Rivera took over the team in 2011. Meanwhile, the offense is actually starting to look more coherent and consistent than it has ever been under Newton. I have some faith in the offense’s continued improvement and in the defense’s return to form. I’ll take the Panthers by a touchdown, 20-13.Thanks again to Walker Clement for taking out the time to answer our questions. You can check out more of his stuff at Cat Scratch Reader.Football is fun because the Bengals are 1-0 You were freaking out during the Bengals’ season opener.Admit it.I saw the tweets saying this Bengals team was “bad Clark Harris Jersey ,” “trash,” and worse. I tried to calm some of you down.YOU DO NOT FREAK OUT ONE-HALF INTO THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON, I said.Well, at least for now, the freak outs can stop because the Bengals are 1-0 after beating the Colts in Week 1, by a score of 34-23.There were ups and downs. It was not a clean football game. Andy Dalton threw an interception on his first throw of the year and A.J. Green fumbled. TWICE. Shawn Williams was ejected. The Bengals had eight penalties, for 94 yards, including some bad ones. Bobby Hart did not play well and had a penalty. Carlos Dunlap was called for two roughing the passer penalties, though at least one was questionable. Clint Boling had a false start. Brandon Wilson had a fair catch interference penalty. William Jackson got called for unnecessary roughness, on a Colts touchdown play. Alex Redmond had a holding call.It was sloppy.But it was Week 1. What did you expect? A perfect game?I’ll tell you what was perfect though. Clayton Fejedelem in the closing minute of the game.Look at that awareness, the quick thinking, the speed. And on Dunlap’s second roughing the passer penalty, it was also Fejedelem who snatched up Dunlap’s strip sack on Andrew Luck and returned it to the Colts’ four-yard line. It’s too bad it didn’t count. Fej was on a mission to win the Bengals the game on Sunday and he accomplished his task.You know who also accomplished what they set out to do on Sunday? Joe Mixon. He was on fire all game long. Mixon finished with 149 all-purpose yards and 1 touchdown. He averaged more than 5.5 yards per carry and more than 10 yards per catch.There was one strange drive at the beginning of the second quarter where Giovani Bernard was in at running back and Joe Mixon didn’t make an appearance on the drive, but other than that Josh Malone Jersey , Sunday was the Joe Mixon show. And the Bengals should ride him all season long. I appreciate that Marvin Lewis didn’t slow down his usage of Mixon when the Bengals were behind. The team saw Mixon had the hot hand and they kept feeding him the ball. The Bengals are trusting Mixon and it worked in Week 1.Bernard only had two touches all game, one rush (for negative yardage) and one catch for 11 yards. Meanwhile, Mixon had 17 rushing attempts and was targeted seven times in the passing game. We expected to see more of Bernard on Sunday, but the Bengals were able to win without using much of him. It was interesting to see Tra Carson in on offense for a few plays, including being used as a fullback. Sam Hubbard was brought in on Mixon’s touchdown as a fullback, too.Mixon broke the record for most yards by a Bengals running back in a season opener, taking over the honor from Essex Johnson who did it in 1973, per ESPN Stats & Info.Is this a different Bengals team? One that doesn’t back down when trailing? One that makes second-half adjustments? One that doesn’t get mad, but gets even? It’s Week 1 and so much will happen during the course of this season, but the Bengals’ first game of the year gave us a lot to think about and a lot to like.Even if the beginning was tough to watch, and even if Green needs to work on his ball security and even if the offensive line remains a work in progress, the Bengals are 1-0 and football is fun because of it.

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